Railway Working

Railway working. W.A.& A. Churchman. 1926 (25 plaatjes).
Railway working. 2nd series. W.A.& A. Churchman. 1927 (25 plaatjes).

De 50 plaatjes "Railway working" zijn in 1927 als "Overseas issue" ook uitgegeven door John Player & Sons.

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Here is a breakdown crane capable of lifting anything up to 35 tons. Two powerful machines such as this could lift a locomotive back on to the line after a derailment. Every railway company posesses a considerable number of such cranes, distributed at various points, so that in the unfortunate event of a collision involving derailment a breakdown train with cranes and first aid appliances can be on the spot in the minumum of time. The truck carries the weight of the "jib" [giek] when lowered.

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